House Rules:

We expect our guests to be attentive listeners. We reserve the right to remove anyone at any time for unruly behavior distracting from the performance. Please respect the artists, our home, and the other folks attending.

What is a House Concert?

Basically it is a concert in our home. It’s a national movement in which professional singer-songwriters play intimate performances, with a meet & greet, at the homes of music lovers for their friends, family, & neighbors. In a world where modern radio format no longer supports the singer-songwriter, it is a great way between gigs for them to make a more personal connection with music loving folks.

What is Americana Music?

Americana music is a relatively new format of music that encompasses specifically those sounds that are merged from folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and other external influences. Expect to hear our guests play their guitar while telling and singing the stories and songs of their live’s experiences.

How does it work?

Simple, we book songwriters that inspire us, to come play at our home while they are touring the NE. We feed and house them to help cover their expenses while on the road. They play usually 2 sets, 45 min each, of their songs, and then meet with guests in a casual atmosphere. You come and support their music by making an advance donation through Brownpapertickets.com that goes directly to them, and buy a cd afterwards if you dig what they played for you. We take no money, or cut from the proceeds.

What is the Pot Luck deal?

We open our doors 1hr before each show for folks to gather, relax, and hang out before the show. You can expect us to put out a little food and usually some Shiner or Lone Star. We encourage folks to bring an appetizer, some brew or maybe a favorite pastry of some kind to share with others. Showing up empty handed, no problem, maybe next time!


If you don’t already know where to find us, you will be given our address upon purchase of your donation at brownpapertickets.com. You can always email us at longislandhc383@gmail.com for directions or questions.

Please carpool, if possible. We have a decent amount of parking but need your cooperation to keep people off the road.


Since we have limited seating , every seat for our shows must be accounted for. During the performance we expect all of our guests to be respectful of the artist. That being said if you have a young child that you believe can sit quietly and appreciate this type of performance, I recommend contacting us first, longislandhc383@gmail.com

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